About Us

Welcome to the official website where you can get to know about our non-governmental organization “PROJECTOR”.

Who are we?

The non-governmental organization “PROJECTOR” is officially registered in Ukraine on November 29, 2019. It was founded by a well-known attorney and a media lawyer Vitalii Matvieiev, health ambassador Andrii Radetsky and human rights activist Karolina Palaichuk. They have an extensive experience in advocacy and legal support of counteracting discrimination and violence, addressing legal and socio-economic issues, as well as improving access to informational support and raising awareness.

Our mission

We believe that the main mission is the protection of human rights and freedoms, the implementation of the contemporary approaches and European standards in to help advance individual liberty and democratic freedoms.

Our vision

The non-governmental organization “PROJECTOR” is a reliable and professional defender of human rights and freedoms with extensive experience in advocacy and raising awareness activities as well as giving legal and psychological counselling and assistance, offering support and guidance before, during, and after court.

Our values


Having respect for the individuality of everyone


Recognizing equal opportunities for everyone


Ensuring compliance with the rule of law


Constantly developing and improving professional qualities and skills

Our goals

  • to protect the rights of people and to secure access to justice by means of representation of interests from law enforcement agencies and courts of foreign jurisdiction;
  • to change the internal stigma of those who are inconsistent to the discrimination of spirits by means of giving motivational and psychological support;
  • to harmonize Ukrainian legislation in compliance with international standards, as well as standards regarding discrimination and violence;
  • raising awareness on the legal basis and media literacy of the administration;
  • to conduct informational and educational campaigns aimed at preventing negative developments in suspensions.

Our tasks

1.1. Legal counselling;

1.2. Legal support (draw up procedural and other legal documents);

1.3. Representing the interests of target audiences in law enforcement agencies, courts of general jurisdiction, public authorities, local governments, etc .;

2.1. Individual psychological counseling;

2.2. Arranging support groups of target audiences;

2.3. Supervising for social and medical workers;

3.1. Monitoring and recording violations of the rights of target audiences in legal system and regulations of other institutions;

3.2. Responding to infringements of the rights of target groups by appealing to authorized persons, competent authorities and institutions in order to eliminate violations against;

3.3. Initiating draft bills and amendments to them on the protection of human rights and the exclusion of discriminatory norms from current legislation;

3.4. Suing state institutions with a demand to abolish discriminatory norms;

3.5. Informing the community on the advance of advocacy campaigns;

4.1. Organizing educational initiatives on legal and media literacy among the target audiences;

5.1.  Performing informational and educational activities on safety, sexual education, vocational guidance, STD prevention, etc. among the target audiences;

5.2. Organizing education-awaring activities on Communication Ethics considering vulnerable groups when working in the social and medical fields.

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